Perhaps the greatest attribute of a photograph is that it captures a moment in time, one that can never be repeated. Celebrating that aspect of photography is the purpose of this blog.

On here I will be posting some of my older images, from 2005 on, ones that are no longer featured on this website, and will be sharing my inspiration for them with you by including the artist statements that were written back when the images were made. Perhaps you will see patterns in my work, or an evolution of it over time, or notice something else that you might like to point out to me. Regardless, I hope you will enjoy sharing the images and statements with me, as we celebrate and explore moments from the past, frozen in time.

13. Above


Thoughts and images from Wagrain, Austria, 2011.
For someone who has lived solely on the relatively flat land that is southern Ontario, mountains have always had a magical appeal. ...more

12. Bryggen


Thoughts and images from Bergen, Norway, 2011.
Bryggen, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a magical enclave of wooden buildings situated on the waterfront of Bergen, Norway. The present-day buildings are more than 300 years old, but their history reaches back much further. ...more

11. Alghero at Night


Thoughts and images from Alghero, Sardinia, Italy, 2010.
As night falls, however, the atmosphere changes. The streets come alive. People, young and old, spontaneously appear from everywhere and the sounds amplify. It is the time-honoured tradition of the passeggiata ... ...more

10. Vertical Spontaneity


Thoughts and images from Cisternino, Italy, 2010.
A road sign on the approach to the southern Italian city of Cisternino provided the inspiration for this collection of photographs. It read, “Centro storico (historical centre) - architettura spontanea.” ...more

9. Streets of Zurich


Thoughts and images from Zurich, Switzerland, 2009.
Street photography is not my forte, nor something that I practise very often. ...more

8. Beaujolais Villages


Thoughts and images from Beaujolais, France, 2009.
It has often been said that Beaujolais is “the most famous unknown region in France”, with locals lamenting the fact that few visitors spend much time there, preferring instead to “overnight” on their way to somewhere else. ...more

7. Reflecting on Waterloo


Thoughts and images from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada , 2009.
We all need time for reflection, to think about present situations, paths taken, and choices to be made, whether it be in our personal lives, career paths, or other pursuits. ...more

6. From Rock and Ages Past


Thoughts and images from Sifnos, Greece, 2008.
At the end of a six-hour ferry ride from the port of Piraeus, the Greek island of Sifnos rises majestically from the Aegean Sea. ...more

5. The "Perfect" Village


Thoughts and images from Mijas, Spain, 2008.
Paul Strand was definitely on my mind as my wife and I travelled to the village of Mijas, Spain in 2008. ...more

4. Held in Reverence


Thoughts and images from Maui, Hawaii, 2007.
On one of my earlier trips to Hawaii I purchased a guide book to hidden places, supposedly unknown to tourists. ...more

3. Kashuby i Kaszuby - Reunited


Thoughts and images from Ontario, Canada and Kaszuby, Poland, 2007.
In 1858 a group of immigrants, destined to become Canada's first Polish settlers, arrived in Ontario's Ottawa Valley from Kaszuby, Poland. ...more

2. From the Darkness


Thoughts and images from Warsaw, Poland, 2006.
A walk through Warsaw's Old Town reveals a city of rich historical heritage. ...more

1. A Place in Time


Thoughts and images from the Czech Republic, 2005.
When travelling through the Czech Republic, the rich architectural heritage of the country becomes evident. ...more

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