artist statement: azorean edges

Azorean Edges (Sao Miguel, Azores)

Land, water, sky - three distinct entities, interconnected. When viewed as a scene, they form a continuous tableau of the three elements. Their edges, the boundary areas where the parts converge upon each other, are much less distinct, and are in fact immensely transient, continuously changing from one diverse, never repeated, shape or form to another. Observing and contemplating the fleeting nature of these edges causes one to wonder if they exist at all, or ever did.

Photography allows us to capture these transitory moments in ways not possible with the human eye. We are able to isolate the motion of the three elements - land, water and sky - by freezing them in time in a single image. Then, when the images are combined, as in this series of photographs, by superimposing one element upon another, in effect layering time, the areas of convergence are enhanced and amplified. As a result, the edges, with all their transience and diversity, are revealed in ways not previously perceived.

The photographs in this collection, Azorean Edges, were taken on the seacoast of Sao Miguel, Azores. Their purpose is to provide glimpses into the nebulous, shifting world of edges found in nature. If, in the process, they fuel our curiosity and imagination, so much the better.

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