artist statement: light in the darkness

Light in the Darkness (Lagos, Portugal)

These photographs were taken in Lagos, Portugal in February of 2020. At that time the cobblestones were full of feet that I needed to carefully work around so that I could photograph the empty walkways. One month later, the same precautions would not be needed.

The original images were shot in daylight under bright, sunny, cloudless skies. But, with the onset of COVID-19, I knew I could not print them that way. The world had plunged into the darkness of a pandemic and the cobblestones could no longer be viewed as they had been. The final images needed to reflect the new reality.

As I worked on darkening the prints, by adjusting the contrast filters on my enlarger and increasing exposure times, I noticed one important fact. In all my trials, unless I reached a point of absolute, total darkness, there was always at least one spot of light visible. There is … Light in the Darkness.

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