artist statement: waves

Waves (Waterloo, Ontario)

Seasons pass. In a forest, life springs forth, growth occurs, and then so does death. Leaves come and go, as do rains, winds, snows, temperature extremes and the effects they all cause. How dramatically forests change in appearance over the course of a year! The change is constant and therefore, so are photographic opportunities. However, if the photographer is not present when all necessary elements converge for the image, opportunities can be passed by, and change carries on.

These photographs were taken during a very short window of time in early spring. The snow was no longer on the ground, and green foliage was sprouting everywhere on the forest floor. The leaves were not yet out, allowing an unobstructed view through the trees. A ridge running through the forest provided an opportunity for an elevated perspective. The sunlight was strong in the cloudless morning sky, producing long, distinct shadows, at a precise angle. The conditions that aligned at that time would never be repeated, and only those passing by at that moment would experience the forest that way.

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