artist statement: a.r.a.t. (another rock, another tree)

A.R.A.T. (another rock, another tree) (Waterloo, Ontario)

I have seen articles that refer to present-day landscape photography as A.R.A.T. photography, using the anacronym A.R.A.T. to stand for another rock, another tree. This description is meant as criticism, based on the judgement that so many landscape photographs have been produced over the years that any additional images are simply repetitious and boring, revealing nothing new.

I disagree with that sentiment and continue to work proudly with A.R.A.T. photography. When we take the time to look carefully and think creatively, new approaches and ways of seeing will produce, as they always have, unique images. Human imagination knows no bounds.

This collection combines two series of photographs, Around the Corner (rocks) and Over the Fence (trees), that were taken on walks through my neighbourhood during the stay at home orders of COVID-19. The images for Around the Corner were extracted from a wall of landscape rocks positioned to mark an entrance to my subdivision, and the images for Over the Fence were taken from a small group of old, decaying stumps located in a woodlot behind my home.

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