artist statement: blank canvas

Blank Canvas (Waterloo, Ontario)

A lot of decisions go into the making of a creative photograph. One of the most important is deciding what should be inside the frame and what should not. Most often, I find this tends to be a process of subtraction, that is, the elimination of unnecessary and/or distracting elements from all that is in front of me. This series of images, however, was not created using the subtraction approach.

With snow covering the ground and cloud cover fairly bright and even across the sky, I was able to start with a blank canvas of white. I could then add elements to my blank slate, rather than start with an overly full image and make decisions as to what to eliminate. The snow and cloud cover had erased the distracting clutter for me. Add rather than subtract, a different mind set. And, as a bonus, I was able to showcase what might otherwise go unnoticed.

It’s fun to think like a painter every now and then.

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