artist statement: imPermanence

imPermanence (St. Jacobs, Ontario)

We are always fascinated by change. It happens continuously, to everything, everywhere, making one wonder why we even have a word such as "permanent" in our vocabulary.

From the metamorphosis of a butterfly to the transition from one season to the next, changes observed in nature can be exceptionally impressive and fascinating. Often, though, natural change takes place so slowly that its magnitude can only be realized by reviewing images that were taken or made over a prolonged period of time.

The photographs in this series are of the same feature, taken at and from the same location and perspective, at the same time of day on 2 sequential days, a Friday, and then the following Tuesday. Images #1, #3 and #5 were taken on the Friday, and #2 and #4 were taken on the following Tuesday. Perhaps, by careful inspection and analysis of the photographs, one can determine the steps involved in the transformation of the feature from the Friday to the Tuesday, but what comes next?

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