artist statement: see me!

See Me! (Waterloo, Ontario)

The last leaves of the year, selectively lit by the warm glow of November sunlight. Where once there were millions, full of life, now only a few remain. Wounded and scarred, they have survived, but not for much longer. Soon, they too will be lying on the ground, this phase of their existence having come to an end.

Each of the leaves has its own individual story to tell. Each was unique in its conception, different from all the others. Their life experiences were one of a kind, as evidenced by the physical differences that now distinguish each leaf from its neighbour.

I did not choose which leaves to photograph. They were selected for me by the transient sunlight illuminating certain leaves for mere seconds before they were once again obscured in shadow. I happened to be there at the opportune moment and noticed. Why were these certain leaves revealed to me? Why not others? I do not have the answers, but I am glad they reached out and said, "See me!”

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