artist statement: convergence

Convergence (Sifnos, Greece)

I have always been fascinated with Sifnian architecture. Noted for its simplicity and cleanliness of form, the traditional white stucco cube and its accompanying cylinders, walls, vaults and domes form a stark contrast to the Canadian architectural norms of my homeland.

While these architectural forms are impressive in their own right, it is the continuous play of light and shadow across their surfaces that most intrigues me. As the Aegean sun moves across the sky, different parts of the structures are emphasized. New, vibrant, dynamic and often totally unexpected shapes are created. Textures are highlighted, revealing plaster and brush strokes of builders from generations past. It is this artistic beauty, this combination of light and form, and its inherent sense of the past that I wished to explore.

Each image in this collection represents one unique, unrepeatable moment in time. Never again will the sun, sky, buildings, surroundings and vantage point align in the same way. To describe these fleeting moments, I have chosen the title Convergence.

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