artist statement: out there

Out There (Sifnos, Greece)

We have all felt it, that innate sense of pleasure when happening upon a vantage point that reveals a beautiful, far reaching vista. Beyond pleasure, feelings of awe and wonder and grandeur that make us feel small and very grateful for the experience.

Research suggests these feelings are genetically-based and enhanced when the scene contains water, a path, a road, or a shoreline. They go back to times when our ancestors were hunters and gatherers, and far ranging views made the spotting of food, water, shelter and danger much easier. It is also believed that when novel views such as these were spotted, another almost universal human trait was triggered. Curiosity. This encouraged further exploration and apparently contributed to early human migration.

These photographs, taken on the Greek island of Sifnos were inspired by the stunning, unexpected vistas encountered while wandering around the island . Whether rooted in ancient DNA or not, my emotions demanded a present-day response.

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