artist statement: grand motion

Grand Motion (the Grand River, Ontario)

This project was conceived as I sat on the bank watching water flow over one of the numerous dams situated along the Grand River in southwestern Ontario. It occurred to me that the seemingly straight path of the water going over the dam and falling into the river below did not begin to tell the true story of the complexities of the churning and mixing that actually took place with the water. I surmised there must be more, much more going on unseen, both on and underneath the surface. This is what I wanted to capture, but how do you photograph what you cannot see?

To address this challenge, I used a great deal of artistic licence, a swing lens camera, appropriate shutter speeds and camera rotation. My goal was to mimic, photographically, what my imagination told me was happening with and within the moving water. This collection of photographs, Grand Motion, is the result.

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