artist statement: fractures

Fractures (Waterloo, Ontario)

Most people would not be excited receiving a message from a friend describing a patch of dried up mud. However, just such a message turned out to be the genesis of this series of photographs.

Situated near a local construction site, I came upon the remains of a large mud puddle. The water had evaporated and the mud at the bottom of the puddle had dried and baked in the sunshine. Its surface was now cracked and broken up into many pieces of different sizes, shapes and textures. The evening sunlight was creating fascinating tonal variations in the normally dull, brown-coloured mud. I took out my camera.

The play of light across surfaces has always intrigued me. Especially surfaces of things that often go unnoticed, like mud puddles. As the light brings shadows, shapes, lines and textures into focus, many possibilities emerge. My imagination takes over, and my thoughts become filled with “What if … ?”.

Thanks for the message, Nik!

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